The Smart User Interface Design of the ‘Put Things Off’ Productivity App

There are a number of to-do list apps available for iOS and Android devices but one of the most interesting, at least in terms of user interface design, is the ‘Put Things Off’ productivity app. Whereas higher priced apps such as OmniFocus include the gamut of GTD (Getting Things Done) features there is a vast market for simpler variants. An example of such an app is the popular ‘Things’ app which has even won an Apple Design Award for its pristine user interface design. Put Things First is made in the same vein but also adds some unique user interface design elements that improve on the usability. Honestly speaking Put Things Off is also much less complex and easier to use than Things.

Adding tasks is a breeze with the clear user interface design devoid of noise. There is a + button at the top left of the user interface design with the four folders at the bottom. These four folders are ‘Inbox’, ‘Today’, ‘Put Off’, and ‘Done’. However, what makes the user interface design so unique is the tasks themselves. Thanks to one-touch filing users can favorite, toggle to complete, share right on the standard user interface design. A lot of GTD apps require a user to open up a task in order to see advanced options. Users can also drag-and-drop tasks into any of the four folders as well as combine several related tasks into a stack. The user interface design also has several nice touches such as the folders filling up with tasks as an indicator of sorts, as well as the welcome ability to create and edit tasks on the main user interface design.

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